Who this?

Jörgen Rabben is a visual artist from Umeå, a city on the coast  of the sparsely populated Swedish North. 

Preferring to work with traditional mediums, Jörgen constructs a misty dream world of archetypes, icons, gods and sort-of-humans. Drawing inspiration from surrealist-, religious- and folk art, from life, as well as contemporary psychedelic fantasy art and comic books, his style is diverse but cohesive.

When choosing his subjects he claims to have "No idea how it works, [he] just [goes] around looking at synchronisities until [his] subconscious spews something out for [him] "

Some of the finished works can be seen depicted on this website - the rest of it is currently somewhere in physical reality.

Born in 1991 - five years after the Baltic Sea and its surrounding areas had absorbed a lot of radioactive fallout from the Tjernobyl Core Meltdown of -86. Rabben has webbed fingers, badly syntaxed-speech, and will produce grotesque imagery whenever given the opportunity. After spending a mostly undocumented youth as a dishwasher in the vast city-kitchens of his half-ancestral land "Norway", he returned to his home town in 2012, where he got a Lower Education in Art at Umeå Konstskola and began to build a life around his passion for visual expression. Since then he has helped to build JAQ Studios; a small alternative arts-space that works with local creatives to make opportunities for projects and events that don't quite fit in anywhere else.


He has also grown a dorsal lump, removed a spinal tumor, developed psionic powers and learned a powerful whirling Spin Attack that he uses to crush his opponents.


Uma Obscura - Alternative Arts Festival, Folkets hus, Umeå 3-4 May 2019


Heart of the Jungle, Pipes of Scotland, Umeå 2018
Saga Norén Länskrim Malmö, Sagateatern i Umeå, 2016
SKÖRDEFEST, JAQ Studios, Umeå 2015
JAM Night 1, JAQ Studios, Umeå 2014
VÅRSALONG - Löklabbet, Umeå 2014
Premiere night, JAQ Studios, Umeå 2014
Utgångsutställning, Umeå konstskola 2014

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